Bright Minds is based on the most successful mathematics programs in the world, including Singapore Math, Russian Mathematics, and Harvard Math Circles. It is developed and run by Aaron and Moses Renert, two of the best known mathematics educators in Western Canada. Together they bring over 40 years of combined experience teaching mathematics to over 25,000 students of all ages (kindergarten to university). The three pillars of the Bright Minds program are:

Bright minds students progress through mathematical topics ahead of grade level. When they encounter the same topics in school, they are very familiar with them and can handle them with ease. The longer students study with Bright Minds, the more advanced they will be in mathematics and analytical reasoning as compared with their peers at school.

The classes are highly interactive and students participate throughout, sharing solutions and ideas. Creative thinking does not result from drills alone. Classes include many fun activities that make thinking fun. Puzzles, competitions, and games play a big role in our classes. Kids practice the concepts we teach because they have fun doing it.

There are many entertaining activities: thinking games, logical puzzles, and competitions. They all communicate the message that thinking is fun.

We build a strong understanding of mathematics from the ground up through a rigorous curriculum. The focus of the curriculum is not simply on the “how” or process of mathematics, but also on the “why” or theory behind the mathematics. We do more than present kids with technical tools they can apply to solve particular types of problems.

Our curriculum includes discussions, reasoning, and proof. We build an ability to reason through complex problems logically and thoughtfully. Students are encouraged to find specific solutions, both individually and collectively, and to generalize those solutions to gain a broader understanding of problem solving in general. The lessons kids learn and skills kids develop through contemplation of mathematics can be applied in all fields of study.

Classes &



Bright Minds is not a tutoring program; children learn as a class and progress together to complete learning assignments and objectives. There are strict homework requirements as well, and many concepts are taught years ahead of grade level.


Our classes are grouped based on ability and not grade level. To ensure proper placement, children join the program only after an assessment with one of our specialists and an interview. Assessments are done free of charge and with no obligation.


Following each class, our students are assigned homework with the expectation they spend between 10-30 minutes a day on it (depending on their level). We believe that natural curiosity and a keen mind must be accompanied by a good work ethic, consistency, and focus. Homework support is available through our Flex classes, where any registered student can get one-on-one support from our instructors up to three times per week in addition to their weekly formal class.


Our teachers are experts in mathematics. They typically hold university degrees in mathematics or science and are passionate about teaching mathematics to young children. Their deep knowledge and commitment to every child’s intellectual growth transforms the way children interact with mathematics with amazing results.


Classes are held on weekends and evenings at the Renert School and at the Renert Tutoring Centre in Calgary. Formal classes are 60 minutes long, and students can attend Flex classes to get as much support as they need.


Any new students interested in the program should book an assessment to find out which class(es) would be best suited to their age and ability