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The best diploma exam preparation in Alberta. Renert’s Complete Programs are your first choice for diploma success. In the many hours of detailed instruction, you’ll learn all of the information, techniques, and shortcuts you’ll need for getting a top mark on the exam.

Our instructors will review in detail all of the required curriculum and will clarify any confusing points. The longer course format allows students to study hundreds of past diploma questions and to become very familiar with the test. Students appreciate the organized instruction that structures their study and focuses them on the test. No time is wasted on course topics that aren’t on the diploma. Past students regularly report that they felt completely prepared for their tests and that there were no surprises. Best of all, they got the marks they needed for admission to their chosen universities.

Power Weekends – Boost Your Marks

Some students cannot fit one or more of Renert’s Complete Programs into their schedules. Others only want a short review. For these students, Renert’s Power Weekends are the answer. While not as detailed as our Complete Programs, Renert’s Power Weekends provide a concise overview of the material and focus your study on the most important question types and techniques. You will also benefit from seeing some of the hardest questions on the diploma explained. Our Power Weekends will ensure that your study time is well-organized and will enable you to raise your marks substantially.

Math/Science Diplomas

Multiple Choice Skills

The focus of the Math, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics diploma exams is on multiple choice and numeric response questions. Renert’s diploma review courses reflect all the latest changes in these courses. We teach you specific strategies for success on multiple choice exams. We also prepare you for all of the question types you can expect, so there are no surprises on the test.

English 30 Part B

Excel in Reading Comprehension

Part B of the English 30 Diploma exam surprises many students. The questions on Reading Comprehension test new materials, and students are often taken by surprise. Renert offers a special intensive review for this part of the test. In 10 hours, we’ll cover the techniques you need for reading effectively and for selecting the correct answers with confidence. If you cannot take the Complete English 30 Program, these power sessions are for you!

Schedule 2021

Math 30-1 Schedule

October 30th (Saturday)


Nov 1st – 3rd (Monday-Wednesday)


Diploma prep is essential for students who want to achieve the best possible mark on their diploma exams. Renert School is the #1 school in Alberta and Renert Diploma Prep has been the #1 choice in diploma prep for Alberta students in the past 30 years. In COVID times, Renert is delivering LIVE online sessions for students across Alberta. Live sessions allow you to study, ask questions, and interact with your teacher. Do not settle for a review that uses recorded video lessons; YOUR QUESTIONS ARE IMPORTANT and need to be answered.

For cancellation prior to the beginning of the course, all but a $75 administration fee will be refunded. There are no refunds after the start of the course.

Discounts are available. Each student will receive $25 off when registering in two courses or $50 when registering in 3 courses. Please use the below promotion codes to get this discount.

*Please note, the Biology 30, Chemistry 30, and Physics 30 courses are pending enrolment

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Student & Parent


  • Thanks to you, my son qualified for the Rutherford scholarship. The Renert course more than paid for itself!

    Charlene L.
  • This is my highest mark in math ever, and the first time I've cracked the 90% range. I also have to thank you for the boost to my school mark right before the diploma.

    Dale H.
  • Thanks a lot buddy. I just got my diploma marks back and thanks to you, I got a 94 on my diploma.

    Pat S.