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Renert Tutoring Centres FAQ

How do your tutoring centres work?

Our tutoring centres are a drop-in program that offers ongoing academic assistance for math and sciences throughout the semester to high school students. The students can come to any of our three locations whenever they are open as often as they’d like (see “Tutoring” tab for exact hours and locations). We do not provide homework or other materials or classroom style instruction, students are expected to bring their own homework or other study material to work on while they attend the tutoring centre. Classroom style instruction is available through our Power Lessons for some grade 12 subjects, which come included with our tutoring program (see “Tutoring” for more information), as well as our diploma and final exam reviews (see “Diploma Review” for more information).

Once at the tutoring centre, students have the opportunity to work in a distraction free and engaging environment where they can receive help from tutors whenever they get are having difficulties on a question or understanding a concept. The tutors do not work continuously with individual students and instead assist them for short periods of time and then return to make sure the student is still on the right track, giving the student a chance to work on their own. This ensures that the students not only understand the material but are also able to develop the skills to do well in school when tutors are not there to help them.

If you’re stil unsure about our program we encourage any students who are interested to come and check us out for one night for free. Just show up to any of our tutoring centres while it’s open and say you want to try it out!

What is included in the registration fees?

Registration to our tutoring centres allows students access to over 20 hours a week of assistance, as well as our power lessons, free final reviews, and 50% off of our diploma reviews for the semester (if they register before the deadline to receive the discount, which is December 31st for the fall semester and May 31st for the winter semester). This is far less per hour than any private tutor and, unlike most private tutors, includes assistance with multiple subjects whenever the student needs it in a distraction free environment.

Do you only tutor math and the sciences?

While math and the sciences are our primary focus we also offer social and english help at our South location on Wednesdays from 6:30pm – 8:00pm and at our North location on Mondays 6:30pm – 9:00pm. (The North location is currently closed for construction)

Who are your tutors?

Our tutors are primarily a mix of certified teachers and university students doing degrees in math or science. All of our tutors have been trained and are knowledgable in the subjects they tutor and we take special care in making sure that they are able to communicate their knowledge effectively. Often tutors will have variations in their teaching styles but we find this helps students who learn best from a specific style that may differ from how their school teachers instruct or students who simply find it helpful to hear more than one perspective on a given subject to gain a full understanding of a topic.

Do I still have to pay the full price even though the semester has started?

No, you don’t. The fee for the semester decreases a bit each week as it progresses, but not on a pro-rated plan (i.e. the price halfway through the semester is more than half of the price at the beginning of the semester). This means that you are always getting the most value earlier on so we encourage people to register as soon as they can.

I want to attend one of your Power Lessons, but I don't want to register for the tutoring centre, can I do that?

Unfortunately, as the Power Lessons are a feature of our tutoring centre, we do not offer them as a seperate program. What you can do is register for the tutoring centre on a special plan that allows you access once a week (and therefore to a power lesson of your choice), for half of the normal registration fee. However, this also means some of your benefits as a Renert Tutoring Centre customer centre are reduced as well. This means the normal 50% discount on diploma reviews decreased to only 25% (assuming you register before December 31st for the fall semester and May 31st for the winter semester) and you no longer have access to all of the power lessons, just the one you attend in your once weekly session.

Diploma and Final Exam Review FAQ

What's the difference between your Power Weekends and your Complete programs? Which one should I take?

The biggest difference between our two types of programs is the number hours of instruction you receive and the time period over which it’s spread. Our Complete programs offer more hours over more days while our Power Weekends have fewer hours and generally take place over a weekend. Both courses still offer a full review of the material they need to know but Power Weekends move at a faster pace, leading to fewer examples and more condensing of the material, relative to our Complete programs.

We always reccommend our Complete programs over our Power Weekends because of their advantages. However, we are aware that many people want to take multiple courses with us and dates for some of our Complete programs will occasionally overlap. In this case, we recommend that the student takes whichever subject(s) they feel least comfortable with or want the most review on as a Complete program and the subject(s) they feel the most comfortable with or just want a quick review on as a Power Weekend.

My child/I cannot attend one of the dates for the review, what should we do? Can we attend the same class of a different review?

Unfortunately, we cannot allow students to exchange one session of one review for the equivalent session in another review (e.g. the second class in Power Chem 30 Weekend 1 for the second class in Power Chem 30 Weekend 2). This is because many of our classes are at, or close to, capacity and there is simply not enough seats to allow everyone who would like to to enter reviews that they are not registered in.

What we recommend to students who are missing a class to do is to talk to their instructors outside of the scheduled session (either just before or after) and ask them what they should do. There should be notes from the previous lesson available at each session and our instructors are more than happy to assist any students who want additional clarification on material they missed or just in general.

I see that my review comes with a free tutoring evening, how do I use it?

First of all, your free tutoring evening(s) is only usable in January for the fall semester reviews or June for the winter semester reviews; if you do not use your tutoring evening in this time period then you must register to access our tutoring centres. To use your free tutoring evening just send us an email at stating the student’s name, the night they would like to attend, the location they would like to attend, and the subjects they wish to be tutored in.


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