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Credit Course and Online Math Homework Help FAQ

Do you only tutor high school math?

Currently we only offer Credit Courses and Online home work help for High School math courses.

Who are your tutors?

Our tutors are primarily a mix of certified teachers and university students doing degrees in math or science. All of our tutors have been trained and are knowledgable in the subjects they tutor and we take special care in making sure that they are able to communicate their knowledge effectively. Often tutors will have variations in their teaching styles but we find this helps students who learn best from a specific style that may differ from how their school teachers instruct or students who simply find it helpful to hear more than one perspective on a given subject to gain a full understanding of a topic.

Do I still have to pay the full price even though the semester has started?

The fees for our Credit Courses are unchanged even after the semester has started because students that register late still have access to all of the same materials and recorded sessions as those who started at the beginning of the semester.

The fees for our online math homework help sessions are pro-rated weekly so you only pay for the sessions you can attend.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, when you bundle a Credit Course registration with our Online Math Homework Help Sessions, you will receive 40% off the pro-rated fee for the OMHH sessions. The discount will be applied in your cart. (Note, both must be purchased at the same time).

We also offer multi-course discounts for Diploma Prep/final exam reviews. Purchase 2 diploma prep courses and automatically receive a $25 discount. Purchase 3 or more diploma prep courses and receive $50 off. (Same student, same semester, purchased at the same time.)

More FAQ's

For detailed Credit Course FAQ’s See our Math Credit Courses page:

Diploma and Final Exam Review FAQ

My child/I cannot attend one of the dates for the review, what should we do?

All of our sessions are recorded so students may watch them after the live class has ended if a student misses one. Recordings are available until the day of the exam.

What subjects do you offer diploma reviews for?

-We currently offer Diploma preparation and final exam review sessions for the following subjects:

-M20-1 (pending demand)


-M31 (calculus)

-Biology 30

-Chemistry 30

-Physics 30


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