What is

Bright Minds?

Bright Minds is an after-school program in mathematics and logic for children ages 5 and up. The program develops deep understanding of mathematics in children. It trains children to become effective learners and creative thinkers for life.

Bright Minds is open to all children. We believe that every child can develop deep understanding of mathematics and strong reasoning skills. Every child is assessed before entering the program and matched with the appropriate peer group.


Benefits for

Your Child

A High Level of Achievement for All Grades

Studying Above Your Child’s Grade Level

Creative Problem Solving


Our Program

Bright Minds is based on the most successful mathematics programs in the world, including Singapore Math, Russian Mathematics, and Harvard Math Circles. It is developed and run by Aaron and Moses Renert, two of the best known mathematics educators in Western Canada. Together they bring over 40 years of combined experience teaching mathematics to over 25,000 students of all ages (kindergarten to university).

Mental Math Skills

Instilling complete mastery of arithmetic by developing mental math skills

Deep Mathematical Understanding

Building of deep mathematical understanding from the ground up, by teaching each topic thoroughly until complete mastery is achieved

Creative Thinking

Fostering creative thinking and problem solving skills by working on puzzles, riddles, math Olympiads problems, chess and games of logic



Any new students interested in the program should book an assessment to find out which class(es) would be best suited to their age and ability


Our Locations

Renert Centre (Head Office)
192 MacEwan Student Centre
The University of Calgary
Calgary, AB T2N1N4

Renert School
14 Royal Vista Link NW
Calgary, AB T3R 0K4

Renert Math Centre (South)
9630 Macleod Trail SE
Calgary, AB T2J 0P7