Tutoring Centre

Make your schooling a success, ongoing help with math and sciences for grades 7-12.

Renert offers on-going academic assistance for all ages. Our centres are open 6 days a week, and our students have more than 20 weekly hours of access to help. Our tutors are available to answer any of your questions as you work on your assignments, homework, or prepare for tests. Come study with us and see what a difference Renert can make!

Schedule 2020

Renert Online Tutoring Schedule

All registered tutoring center students will have access to the tutoring schedule upon registration. The schedule will updated and adjusted every week depending on tutor availability. Tutoring is generally available weekday evenings and afternoons.


Zoom login information and tutoring calendars will be sent to students upon registration.


What’s Included

Due to Covid-19 all tutoring will be offered online, and all centres will be closed.

Tuition allows students to attend both Centres at any time they are open, all weekly and monthly Power Lessons, and all Final Reviews for non-diploma courses (Math 31, Math 10C, Math 20-1, Physics 20, and Chemistry 20). Tuition entitles students to 50% discount for January 2020 Diploma Review Courses.

Cancellation Policy

Registration may be cancelled at any time, in which case all post-dated cheques are returned, and no further charges made to credit card. No refund or partial refund is issued for payments that are already made.