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Renert School is Alberta’s top ranked high school (Fraser Institute Report 2020) and is home to one of Canada’s
strongest math programs and faculty. For the first time ever, Renert School is offering Online Math
Credit Courses on weekends for students across Alberta. Whether you want to build a strong math foundation for university or just want to get a tough high school course out of the way, Renert is here for you.

Our Online Math Credit Courses run three times a year: Fall (September-January), Winter (February-June), and Summer (July-August). Students can take them for credit, either to replace a course at their school or to upgrade existing marks. They can also audit them in order to enhance their skills without the pressure of a final mark.

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Fall 2022 Registration NOW OPEN


Please note we reserve the right to cancel courses due to insufficient registrations.

Math 10C

Fall Semester Schedule
Semptember 11 – January 15 2023

Sundays 10am-12pm

Practice & Support Hours
Wednesdays 4:30pm-5:30pm

Registration closes September 30, 2022

Classes are live teaching sessions delivered via ZOOM this semester.
Extra help sessions and tests are also delivered live via ZOOM.

Math 20-1

Fall Semester Schedule
September 11 – January 15 2023

Sundays 12pm-2pm

Practice & Support Hours
Wednesdays 4:30pm-5:30pm

Registration closes September 30, 2022

Classes are live teaching sessions delivered via ZOOM this semester.
Extra help sessions and tests are also delivered live via ZOOM.

Reasons to take Renert School’s Zoom Math Classes:

  1. Study with some of the best teachers in the province.
  2. Lots of practice, support, and test reviews. Regular access to teachers (through Zoom, discussion threads, email) to get all your questions answered.
  3. Math is required for most university and college subjects (Science, Business, Engineering etc.) Setting a strong foundation in math will set you up for future success.
  4. We teach for full understanding. Get the confidence you’ll need for later math courses (even Calculus).
  5. Be part of the Renert School community of students who strive to get the most out of their education.
  6. Study from the convenience of your own home while having a live class experience. Lectures are recorded in case you miss one.


I am registered at another high school. Will I get credit for Renert School’s Math courses?

Yes. Alberta students may take courses from any accredited high school in Alberta. Renert School will report your marks to Alberta Education at the end of the course and they will be recorded on your transcript.

I just finished Grade 9. Can I take math this semester?

Yes. If you are very strong in Math and are confident that you learned all of Math 9 well, you may register in Math 10C too.

Can you provide a brief description of each of the three courses offered?

Math 10C

Mathematics 10C is the introductory course for high school mathematics. Topics include measurement, trigonometry, polynomial factoring, exponents, and relations and functions. This course prepares students to enter the dash-1 and dash-2 sequences of high school mathematics.  At Renert we offer the 10C program with the high standards required to find success.  We will teach the course with the emphasis on elements that will give students a strong foundation needed for the Math 20-1 program.

Math 20-1

The goal of the course is to provide prerequisite attitudes, knowledge, skills and understandings for success in Math 30-1, calculus, and beyond.  The course will provide students with mathematical understandings and critical-thinking skills.  We focus on developing a conceptual and procedural understanding of mathematics.  The Math 20-1 route is designed to prepare students for post-secondary programs that require advanced math skills or calculus.  Topics include sequences and series, trigonometry, quadratics, rational expressions, radical expressions, absolute value and reciprocal functions, systems of equations, and inequalities.

Math 31

The goal of the course is to provide a solid foundation in Calculus for future studies at university. First-year calculus is a prerequisite course in many university programs. Mastering ideas of calculus at high school provides students with a tremendous boost when they take calculus at university. Topics include: limits, derivatives, optimization, related rates, curve sketching, integrals.

Can I take a credit course in order to improve my mark on a course that I’ve already taken?

Yes. You may use Renert School’s Math courses to upgrade marks that you got before.

How will my mark be determined?

Your mark in the course will be based on assignments and tests. The tests are taken on Zoom and include a combination of multiple choice and written response questions.

Are these Courses a way for me to get easy marks without doing any work?

No. These are excellent math courses whose aim is to make you understand math very well. They take work.

How can I get help as I work through questions?

We have ongoing Zoom sessions where you get help from teachers and mentors with your questions. We also offer test reviews prior to each test where you can get any of your questions answered. You may also ask questions on your class discussion board and your teacher is always available for email questions too.

What if I find out that the course is not for me?

You may leave the course after the first test and your tuition will be refunded in full.

What happens if I don’t like the mark that I get in the course?

You may continue to work on the course materials, with support, until the end of the semester. If you don’t like your mark by then, you may retake the course at no charge in the future to upgrade your mark.

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Details Price Qty
Math 10C - Fall 2022 $745.00 (CAD)  
Math 20-1 - Fall 2022 $745.00 (CAD)  
Math 20-1 - Winter 2023 $745.00 (CAD)  
Math 31 Calculus - Winter 2023 $745.00 (CAD)  
Math 10C- Summer 2023 $745.00 (CAD)  
Math 20-1 - Summer 2023 $745.00 (CAD)