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Looking for Better Performance in Math? Get your credits with Renert – Open the doors to University!

We offer year-round evening/weekend math credit courses – starting February 2! Our innovative year round programs run throughout the year , and students may join at different times. You can complete your course in 5 months, but may take up to one year if you need extra time. If you do not perform well in any of the course’s units, you may retake that unit when it is taught again in order to improve your mark.

For Math 30-1 your child can take the full  semester course as an Audit with our Renert teacher, alongside a credited online program, so that they can improve their school experience in conjunction with the Renert expertise.

Students are taught by excellent supportive teachers and receive a great deal of personal help on their practice and homework. We encourage our students to join Renert Tutoring Centre for even more support.



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Top Mathematics Marks Achievement

Competitive University Program Entry

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Smaller Classes and Personal Attention

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Schedule 2020

ClassDate & TimeLocation
Math 20Sundays 10:30-1:00 starting February 23Renert School (North)

14 Royal Vista Link, NW

Calgary, AB T3R 0K4

Math 30-1Sundays 1:00-4:00 starting February 2
Math 31Sundays 4:00-7:00 starting February 2


Registration entitles you to the following discounts:

Cancellation Policy

For cancellation prior to the beginning of the course the full fee, less $75 administration fee, will be refunded. There are no refunds after the start of the course.

All classes will be run depending on enrolment. In the cases of cancellation due to enrolment the full fee will be refunded.