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Friday Jr. GameDay

Bright Minds Friday Jr. GameDay Signups

We are launching our first IN-PERSON activities for kids from level K-2D.

When: Friday from 9am-12:30pm, July 16 to August 20.

Where: Grey portable classroom building located near the soccer field of the Renert School Campus (14 Royal Vista Link NW)

What will the kids be doing?

The kids will get FLEX time in their workbooks and will do many math activities including board games, logic games, outdoor math activities, crafts and more.

Snacks and lunch will be provided!

Three Different Themes:

Space and Surroundings

Space and Surroundings day will be all about coming to understand the math involved in the world around us. Activities will reinforce and explore concepts including: Measurement & Estimation; Area, Capacity, Length, and Weight; Spacial Reasoning; and Perspective.

Logic and Reasoning

Logic and Reasoning day will be all about learning critical thinking, pattern recognition, and cause and effect. Activities will push the kids abilities to find and complete patterns, think ahead, solve multistep problems, and think tactically.

Mental Math

Mental Math day will be all about applying their math skills to give them the edge in solving world problems. Speed, accuracy and teamwork are the name of the game. And fun of course.

Anything else I should know?

Each Friday GameDay costs $45 to attend, and the students need bring only their workbook, water and clothing appropriate for outdoor play.

Students registered for Bright Minds 2021/22 Math or Literacy pay only 30$!


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